Coach Ann

What’s your favroite CrossFit movement or workout?: hmm probably box jumps and wallballs What is your favorite out-of-the-gym activity?: playing soccer, snowboarding, going to nice [...]

Coach JMac

Just over one year ago, Coach Jen added CrossFit coach to her list of accomplishments. She is a strong momma of two, wife of Brian, a piano instructor and music coach/accompanist. CrossFit and [...]


This past year has been transformational for Josh. Around this time one year ago, he resolved to take charge of his health and started running. His hopes were to lose weight and bring down his [...]


Molly has always been athletic, with activities running the gamut from team sports to triathlons and almost everything in between- even an Ironman! Her wife, Theresa, has been an important part [...]


Margie is a mom, business owner, animal lover, and so much more. She owns Sol Space, a Yoga studio and wellness center located in Woodbury. Margie’s background in Yoga, both as a teacher [...]


Meet Shauna. She came to Bellum looking to switch up her fitness routine. At the time, she was only 22 years old and was suffering from some serious low back pain. Luckily Shauna’s [...]


If ever there was a truly dedicated member of Bellum, it’s this week’s Bellum Warrior. Robyn commutes to us from Bucks County, PA and has for several years! A long-time member of Bellum, Robyn [...]

Bobby G

At Bellum, we have men and women who represent many different careers and interests. We have veterans and firefighters, teachers and surgeons, accountants, nurses, and police officers (and many [...]


Liz just celebrated her 4th year anniversary of being Bellum strong. We have worked with Liz during and after two pregnancies. Her water broke AT Bellum with her first baby girl, Zoey and just [...]


This girl is strong, smart, and COMMITTED. She is never one to shy away from hard work and recently won our 6 week nutrition challenge. She gained muscle tone and confidence, all while losing a [...]